Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Everyday Make Up Routine

I thought it might be fun to do a post on the make up products I use every day. This obviously changes from time to time as I'll use a different blusher, or I might put eyeshadow on but I'll mention that as we go along. So, here goes!

After cleansing and toning, I use my fingers to apply the Nivea Moisturiser. I'm not using a primer at the moment, they really don't work for me. I apply my Revlon ColourStay foundation in 'Ivory' after my moisturiser before all the moisturiser has sunk into my skin. I like the dewy finish that this creates. I use my fingertips to blend my foundation in. After that I apply Benefit 'Boi-ing' to any problem areas, mainly on my chin and around my nose.

Then I set my foundation with MAC 'Mineralize Skin Finish' in 'Light Medium'. I use my ELF 'Total Face' brush for this as it covers a large surface area. Then I would usually pencil in my eyebrows, but I haven't taken a photo of this.

I then apply my eyeliner. At the moment I'm using MAC 'Feline' which I've recently purchased and I like to blend this out a bit with my smashbox double-ended eyeliner brush. Sorry it's dirty :/ Sometimes I'll use Rimmel's 'Exaggerate' liquid eyeliner which I've used for yeaaarrrsss. If I was to wear eyeshadow, I'd apply it before my eyeliner but I don't wear it everyday, hence why I haven't included any in this post.

Then on to highlighter. I change my mind about which brush I use for this on a daily basis. Shown is my ELF Bronzing brush and I use a small eyeshadow brush to highlight under my brows. This highlighter is the one I mainly use. This is Prestige skin loving minerals sunbaked mineral bronzing powder in '03 - Pure Shimmer'. Catchy name ;) haha.

Next I apply my blush. Again, I change my mind on which brush I like to use. Shown is a MAC 168 and Sonia Kashuk Flat Top brush. I always blend my blush out with my Bella Pierre blush brush. My two current favourites are NYX 'Silky Rose' and ELF 'Candid Coral' as you know, I love to rave about this. I often change my blusher. I also love Illamasqua cream blushers, Benefit Coralista, MAC Well Dressed and a few more. But these two are my go to ones.

I always leave my mascara until last. I hate applying mascara. I don't know why there's just something I really don't like about it but I love the way it makes my eyelashes look. Strangely, in my storage, my mascara draw is fuller than any other draw. The two mascaras shown are Rimmel 'Sexy Curves' and Eyeko 'Big Eyes' mascara. I always use two mascaras and these are the two I have on the go currently.

And finally(!!!) A bit of lippy. I have two that I wear more often than others. These are MAC 'Plink!' which I've just had to buy a new one of and MAC 'Hue'. None of my other lipsticks (maybe except YSL Rouge Volupte..) come close to these.

So thats it! It might seem like a lot to some people but It's my routine. I'd love to know if you use any of these products and what your every day make up is! Let me know!

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