Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ghost Town..

I'm pale, I mean super pale. I never get my legs out because I'm told I look like Casper the friendly ghost. I don't use fake tan, never have, probably never will. I embrace the pale! I've been watching a few youtube videos on pin-up looks lately and it makes me laugh when they say 'use a foundation lighter than your skin tone..' erm, I'd love to but that would actually be white! I find it so incredibly hard to find a drugstore foundation that matches my skin tone. I'm using Revlon ColourStay in Ivory at the moment and it's probably the closest match I've found. I can't use Rimmel because they all make me look orange, I like maybelline but its not enough coverage for my combination skin.. it's a vicious circle.

Anyone else have this problem?! I feel like I'm the only one!

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