Thursday, 21 January 2010

No Heat Challenge

Every two - three months I stop using heat completely on my hair for about a month. My hair naturally is the photo above. Obviously helped with a bit of L'Oreal Studio Out of Bed Fibre Putty ('scuse the bad lighting, I'm not a photographer :) It's actually a bit more wavy that it looks in the picture.

So no heat includes everything, hairdryer, straighteners and conical wand. It's absolutely wonderful to wash my hair, pop a bit of fibre putty on and thats it. Of course when I do use heat on my hair I use a heat protection spray but after doing this so called 'no heat challenge' for the last year or so, my hair is in such better condition after even just 4 weeks of no heat.

I quite like my hair naturally anyway although when I start straightening again I know I'll say to myself that straight looks so much better what was I thinking leaving it natural. I always do. What do you think? Do you ever go for little periods of time with no heat or can you not live without your styling tools? Let me know!!

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