Thursday, 14 January 2010

Mini Haul

Just a mini haul from me today. I went to Leicester, mainly to snap up some more NYX products but as per usual, didn't get what I went for and treat myself to some other goodies instead.

Soap and Glory Clean on Me This is my favourite shower gel (well, its more of a cream..) ever. It lathers so well, it smells gorgeous and it's moisturising. I got the travel size in a set for christmas and have been meaning to pick this up since. If you haven't tried it, get the travel size and I'm fairly sure you'll be going to Boots for the full size after you've tried it!

Lush Ma Bar Bubble Bar I haven't tried this yet but I love the Lush bubble bars and it smells like chocolate and toffee. Yummy.

NYC Nail Polish in 'Uptown' The picture does not do this justice. It makes it look a lot darker. I tried to take a photo of it by itself but I just can't do it justice at all. I'll do a seperate post on this at some point because this colour is absolutely gorgeous and at £2.49 it's a steal.

MAC MSF Natural I don't need to tell you about this one really do I! I'm very late on the bandwagon with this but I've finally picked it up! Hurrah.

Ruby & Millie Eye Smudge Brush Due to Boots having the £5 no7/ruby and millie vouchers I got this for free! I can't comment on how good the brush yet as I haven't tried it but I will let you know if you're interested.

I also picked up a big black bangle and oversized ring from Primark. I love oversized rings and bangles, I tend to dress quite plain - vest tops/long cardis/jeans etc but I like to dress my outfits up with accessories. £2 for the bangle and £1.50 for the ring. Bargain.

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