Saturday, 16 January 2010

Review: NYC New York Colour Minute Nail Polish - 'Uptown'

NYC New York Colour Minute Nail Polish

£2.49 in Superdrug

What They Say
'Get a manicure in a minute!

Quick drying formula with minerals! Features cutting edge shades with high impact shine. Infused with high levels of pigment for brilliant color & a touch of shimmer for dramatic depth and shine'

My Opinion
I still for the life of me, cannot get a decent picture of the bottle of this polish. So, apologies for that but there is a picture what the shade I love best 'Uptown' looks like on my nails. You can see what the bottle looks like here.

For £2.49 this product was probably not going to disappoint. I had no high expectations, just loved the colour in the bottle, a real grown up 'Barbie' pink. From the minute I applied this, I loved it more. The colour you get in the bottle is what you get on the nails. Granted it took 2 coats but I always apply 2 coats of nail polish anyway no matter what brand. It dried quickly although not quite the 'minute' it claimed to dry in, but there were no long wait between coats and I finished it off with a top coat.

A day later, no chips. I don't imagine it'll last much longer than a couple of days but I'm not expecting it to. This product is one I will definately be buying more of.

Have you tried this brand of polish? I'd love to hear what your favourite shades are and what you think.

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