Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ins and Outs Number 2

No Foundation - Trust me, I wouldn't be seen dead wearing none if I actually left the house this week, other than to pop to the shop. Snow (which I'm not going to bang on about don't worry!) has meant I've been pretty much housebound. I live in a village, new driver... you get the picture. However I've worn very little make up this week, just mascara (as seen in the b&w photo) and my skin is loving it! Woo. Back to slapping on the Revlon ColourStay next week though I bet!

Reading - Been really getting into reading again this week. I do try to read often but I've been slacking a bit. I'm a massive fan of Paulo Coelho and I'm reading another of his books this week.

My Followers - CHEESEY! haha. Seriously, I might not have many of you but you're all great. Especially Nikki! She puts up with me bothering her on twitter a LOT! Haha


Snow - I refuse to say more on the matter

Moving House - I've moved house soooo much in the last few years. I thought this would be the end of moving for a while at least but in Feb I'll be moving again. Only to the next village but I really can't stand all the packing and unpacking.. ugh! I've sworn to myself that I wont leave it all until the last minute this time. Hah. We'll see!

The end of the L Word - I watched the end of season 6 today - so sad there's not going to be another series! I need to know who killed Jenny!!!!

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