Saturday, 30 January 2010

Soap and Glory Skin Care

When I went to Boots on wednesday I saw that Soap & Glory products were all 1/3 off. I took advantage of this to try out some of the skin care products as, aside from the cleansing wipes, I'd never tried any before. The two products I picked up were 'The Fab Pore' 15 minute facial peel and 'Super Eyes, Super Eyes' moisturising eye gel.

'The Fab Pore'

This cost me £3.91 instead of the RRP of £5.88. Total saving - £1.97.
This face mask claims to tighten pores and smooth your skins surface. Soap and Glory claim that this is down to: ''Fomes Officinalis Extract' which is apparently a mushroom extract that helps tighten pores. 'Salicylic Acid' which loosens up the dead cells that contibute to pore clogging. 'Kablin' That's cosmetic for clay. It sops up extra oil on your skin and smoothes your skin's surface! 'Vitamins E & C' Antioxidants.'

We shall see. I tried this on wednesday night and my skin was left feeling soft. Soap and Glory say to leave it on for fifteen minute for a 'real deep-cleaning do-it-yourself kind of 'facial'.' So that's how long I left it on for. It's no facial, but my skin was smooth. Going to trial this for a bit longer before I give any real opinions on it though. One thing that does put my off is the scent. It's hard to describe but it's a little unpleasant.

'Super Eyes, Super Eyes'

This cost me £5.24 instead of the RRP of £7.87. Total saving - £2.63.
I've got quite nasty dark circles under my eyes. In my attempt to combat this I'm starting to try out different gels and creams for my eyes. Soap and Glory say to 'pat a layer of Super Eyes, Super Eyes around the contour of your eyes every morning and/or evening - whenever toy feel like you need a little lift'. This product contains 'de-puffing caffeine, pro-vitamin panthenol and soothing aloe vera juice'.

I was a little put off when I first opened this as the gel contains a pink shimmer in it. However, this doesn't show up when I put this under my eyes which is a good thing! My first thoughts.. well, I'm not sure yet. Going to also give this one a fair trial before I give my opinions.

Have you tried any of these products before or are you keen to? Let me know!

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