Monday, 7 December 2009

RAVE - ELF (Eyes Lips Face)

So at this time of year I know a lot of us are feeling the pinch when it comes to money. I have always thoughtELF products are extremely good value I mean at £1.50 for most items you really can't go wrong right? Right. I'd never tried the make up brushes before but was really keen to so I ordered just two last week. I got the total face brush and the brushing, bronzing and blending brush.

First of all I have to comment on the delivery. I ordered these at around 4pm on friday afternoon and there they were in my brushes case on saturday morning. I didn't pay for next day delivery just standard. Amazed they arrived so quickly.

I haven't tried the total face brush but I will be applying my loose powder with this later today and have high hopes! The brushing, bronzing and blending brush in my opinion is a great alternative to the MAC 168 and at £1.50 it's surprising it's so good. I found this brush to be soft and applied my bronzer, blush and highlight perfectly. I will most certainly be using this product in my daily routine.

What are your opinions on ELF products? What do you recommend?

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