Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Festive Products.. and a nail polish

I'm obsessed with Lush at the moment. I mean, obsessed. But instead of taking photos before using the products, I end up using them straight away! I just can't resist. I've always been a fan of Lush but lately I've found myself wanting to try more and more products.

A couple of products I need to rave about from the Christmas Collection before they disappear for another year include Snow Fairy and a product I've already talked about, Mister Butterball. The picture shows Snow Fairy and in the bag, is half a Mister Butterball, told you I couldn't resist!

Snow Fairy has a lovely glitter shimmer to it and smells like candy floss and sweets. I'm not sure how that is particuarly festive but I love it all the same. Mister Butterball, well, I love this because I can split it in half. Might sound silly but the Butterball itself is impossibly hard to divide into two and I'm all for getting more product for my money! I wasn't sure about the oil film on top of my bath that this left to start with but its not a dirty oil, it's a moisturising oil. I love the feeling this product gives to my skin, like I've moisturised when I haven't. I can be quite lazy sometimes when it comes to moisturising so this is the perfect product for me.

I'm currently sporting Collection 2000's Hot Looks nail polish in 'Dynasty'. I've seen a lot of people on youtube wearing this nail polish so I had to pick it up for myself. At £1.79 it's seriously cheap as well as being fast drying (perfect for my lazy self..) thick and long lasting. I do use Barry M's 3 in 1 nail polish (the clear one as recommended by Lollipop26) as a base coat and a top coat and this does help stop premature chipping. I apologise for the short nails, I'm a secret nail biter (gross I know) but I find wearing nail polish stops me from biting.

What are your favourite Lush products and any nail polishes you can recommend? Love to hear about them! TTYL xxxx

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