Sunday, 20 December 2009

Anatomicals Mud Mask Review

Anatomicals 'Farewell the Scarlet Pimplehell' Mud Mask

I've wanted to try Anatomicals products for a while now, keep umming and ahhing over various products on the website (found here) and was never sure what products I wanted to try more. And although I'm sure there are reviews out there, I've never come across any or possibly haven't looked hard enough! Whilst browsing TK Maxx I came across a set of two products and one of them was this one, for £4.99. I'll do a seperate review on the other item at a later date.

I used this on damp skin and didn't use any other products after using this so that I could give a proper review of what just this product does.

'Fetching' photo of me with no make up, dressing gown on and mud mask..
Go on, laugh, I know you want to ;)

So the smell of this isn't great but what do you expect from a mud mask really.. was suprised that it's green, expected a brown colour (to reflect mud..) and the fomulation is a bit thin, i found some areas the mask just slid off which was a little annoying. You can probably see the patchiness in the photo. It wasn't as messy as I anticipated and my skin was left feeling soft and my skin wasn't oily at all in the morning as it normally would be.

Overall, I wouldn't say I really enjoyed using this product, I would've liked a fresher feeling afterwards and a better formulation. I will probably use it again but I very much doubt I will repurchase.

Another Lush Haul coming soon.. TTYL xxxx

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