Thursday, 18 February 2010

Products I'm Loving Right Now - February 2010

I know I promised a post on my Illamasqua cream blushers today but it'll have to wait I'm afraid.I wanted to do a January favourites but it's the middle of February so I figured it's a bit late! Instead I've done a products I'm loving right now post for you.

'Close to Real' lipstick from MAC. Wearing this in the photo to the right. This was LE with the 2009 High Def collection. When I bought it I wore it a few times and then it ended up being a bit neglected to be honest. I put this on again last week and fell in love - can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't love it before. It's amazing. I'll be so gutted when this runs out - it's the perfect nude for me. I'm praying for a repromote at some point!!

Wearing flowers in my hair. Also shown in the photo, I got that headband for £1 or something from Primark, bargain. I also have some gorgeous flower hair clips from h&m that I've been loving lately and they're a lot more subtle than the big flower headband is. Ok so this isn't a 'product' but it's definately something I'm loving right now ;)

'Nude Beige' Rimmel Pro nail varnish. I love the 'mannequin hands' look - the name that seems to be floating around for nude nails. I think it's such a classy look and very work friendly. I have to keep my nails painted as it stops me from biting them. For some reason if I have no nail polish on I think it's ok to bite!! They're at a lovely length now that I'm really happy with. Sometimes I don't want to wear bright colours and this is just perfect and so easy to apply with the 'pro-cision' brush even if you're not the best at applying nail polish.

Pigments - any pigments really. Been loving them for just a wash of colour on the eyes. I'm not the biggest user of eyeshadow, I much prefer a pretty blush and lipstick but lately I've been loving a neutral shade pigment to make my eyes stand out just that little bit more. I have big eyes as it is but they are my best feature so I always try to highlight them. I'm trying to pick up some of the old packaged mac pigments while I still can!

'Cleanse Off Oil' from MAC. I wasn't sure of this to begin with but now I use it daily. The reason I wasn't sure was because of my combination skin - I didn't really want to use an oil based product on my skin but I find that when using my usual cleanser afterwards that it hasn't created any problems with my skin at all. I read a few reviews on this before I purchased and all the ones I read were raving about it and I can see why - removes all my make up except some mascara but I use a LOT of mascara so I expect to have to use a separate eye make up remover.

'Mad as a Hatter' OPI. From the AiW collection. I wasn't sure about this at first as I expected it to be a lot more purple based as I saw in photos online but now I love it. It's fantastic. I've worn it on my fingernails and on my toes. I applied it to my toes over a week ago and it hasn't budged at all. I like wearing something a little more jazzy on my toes.

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  1. HI sweety!
    Great list of February Favourites!!
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  2. I love pigments too, especially MAC,
    Great blog,

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  3. I adore Cleanse off oil but i use the tranquil variation. I agree I wasn't too sure about it at first but it is so amazing at taking off thick make up! lovely post <3

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